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Apple iPad 2/3/4, Air/2, Mini/2/3/4, Pro 9.7/12.9 keyboard, COOPER AURORA 7-Color Backlight LED Bluetooth Premium Wireless Portable Tablet Keyboard Laptop Keys, 60hr+ Rechargeable Battery (Black)


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Customers who bought Cooper Aurora keyboard think: * The battery life is unlike any other keyboard * The setup process is painless * It's light, compact & the keys have great rebound * The beautiful, bright 7 color key backlight is a huge plus * Back light comes in white, green, blue, red, purple, pink & teal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Apple iPad 2/3/4, Air/2, Mini/2/3/4, Pro 9.7/12.9 - Bluetooth Wireless tablet keyboard fully compatible with A1395 A1396 A1397 A1416 A1430 A1403 A1458 A1459 A1460 A1474 A1475 A1476 A1566 A1567 1432 A1454 A1455 A1489 A1490 A1491 A1599 A1600 A1601 A1538 A1550 A1673 A1674 A1584 A1652 models - Beautiful cable-less keyboard dock made and designed to wirelessly pair with any/all of your Bluetooth devices - Connect to any PC, Mac, Smart TV or Windows / iOS / Android powered smartphone - Perfect tech accessory that's ultra sleek & ultra slim - Lightweight & sturdy, the Bluetooth keyboard weighs like 2 decks of cards - 8.8 oz / 249.5 g / 0.55 lb - Dimensions are 9.4 x 0.2 x 5 inches All Necessary Standalone Keyboard Features Included - Keyboard backlit LEDs available in 7 color variations for personalization, mood setting - Bluetooth functionality allows you to pair with Apple iPad 2/3/4, Air/2, Mini/2/3/4, Pro 9.7/12.9

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