ALPINE 16 cm separate 2 way speaker X-160S


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Product description ◆ Adopted "nanofiber diaphragm" to reproduce outstanding sound of outline ● Newly developed "nanofiber diaphragm" for woofer. The diaphragm which was densely finished with the latest technology to miniaturize the material realized the propagation speed of sound and the internal loss improved. It creates clear response of one sound and comfortable clear sound, and the impression that sound comes out of space becomes strong. ◆ Adopt "carbon graphite diaphragm" which precisely draws sound ● Adopt carbon graphite, which is sometimes used in luxury home audio for the tweeter's diaphragm. By the light weight · high rigidity material, the elastic modulus and sound speed of the diaphragm are greatly improved, so that the difference of every sound can be drawn in detail. ◆ Adopts "ultra high density radial ring magnet" that captures powerfully ● We developed a voice coil with a 35 mm large-sized, lightweight, high density copper clad aluminum square wire that is the largest in class. It realizes a sound that keeps distortion and tracks everywhere. Together with the super rapidly extruded neodymium magnet by densification (nanocrystal) technology, it plays a sound with full of power. ※ 35mm voice coil with same class speaker is ALPINE X series only. (As of 2016/9) ◆ A design that makes you feel the powerful space and the space where sound spreads ● The newly developed speaker design expresses a combination of precision parts cut in the details of a Woofer and a tweeter, expresses strength by modeling that makes cloth and tension feel. In addition, the woofer expresses the spread of the sound that creates the space by using a ring motif that dichroicizes the phase plug and a frame design emphasizing the image that supports the powerful sound. Also unified network design with gold decoration. We produce a high-class feel by applying a hairline finish.

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