All-in-1 Film Scanner 35mm Negative & Slides Scanner with a Speed-Load Adapters,Converts 126KPK/135/110/Super 8 Films/Slides and Negatives to Digital with High Resolutionl Scanner(White)


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tips This scanner can digitize 35mm slides from the 60's and 70's.As with all slide/negative digitizers of this type, it does cut off a little of each slide, but not so much that. Also, the quality condition of the slide/negative dictates how well the digital copy will be. If the original slide/negative has not been taken care of over the years. highly recommend that you gently wipe each slide/negative with a lint free cloth, and blast it with compressed air before you try to scan it. After you feed the slide/negative in, it digitizes it in about 3-5 seconds and saves it to a SD card. After about 300 slides, you can transferred the pics to your computer. It's a very simple process. Hot focus factor This is a high resolution Scanner/Digitizer gets your job done quickly,view on your computer for freely,scann quickly and easily to transfer to your computer flawlessly.The ability to scan and print old negatives is also great.This item is so fast! It can process 10-years worth of photos in one night! (Scanning only, still have to go back and crop, rotate, etcetera). Also, the memory card option means you can take this anywhere, scan your photos or your customer's photos, and take it home for final processing. So many good features.This unit work very well. If you especially like a stand alone unit and does not rely on a particular operating system of a PC. (example: units that work on XP may not work if a PC gets upgraded to windows 10.)Please bring the product to your house,you won't regret this action now. performance This is a 22MP All-in-one film and slide scanner.It contained in your 35mm, 110, 126, and Super 8 slides and negative.That is a wonderful little scanner - perfect for quick, high quality scanning of slides and film negatives,if you have many cherished negative that from 60 year-old slides is also easy to operate and gave a great image to work with.

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