AKOAK 37mm 8-Point Star Filter for Cellphone or Camera Lens


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Features: --Create a dreamy starry effect,make the lights all come to life like magic. --Fit for 37mm thread diameter camera lens; most cellphone can use it only need a universal 37mm thread clip(not included). --Can be used in combination with other filters for remarkably creative effects. --Rotating mount allows exact positioning of light rays and catch the effect of your desired. Tips:The starlight filter is affected by the light spot in the picture ,the aperture and the focal length; the telephoto lens and the mid-range aperture have better effects, and the smaller and brighter the light spot in the picture, the better the effect. If you need to use it on your phone, you can purchase a universal 37mm thread clip Ideal for shooting jewellery, reflecting the sun on the water, night scenes of the city, candlelight, stage lighting, etc. Add a romantic, dreamy effect to your photos, making it even more attractive. Package included:1 x star light filter

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