6 Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable, Multimode, 50/125, OM3, 10 Gbit, Black, Riser Rated, Spool, 1000 Foot


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This 50-micron fiber optic cable is available by the spool and intended for short-range installations. It has six multimode fibers with a cladding diameter of 125 microns that is optimized for 850nm or 1300nm equipment. An Aramid yarn and black PVC jacket protects this indoor/outdoor multimode fiber cable from water and debris. Our UL-rated OM3 fiber optic cable supports 10Gbit internet speeds and is riser-rated for use with vertical trays and elevator shafts, depending on your application. Each 1000-foot spool of 50-micron multimode fiber cable comes with a lifetime warranty and full technical support.

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