58mm Digital Pro 0.17x Super Wide HD Fisheye Lens for Select Canon Digital Cameras. UltraPro Bundle Includes: Mini Tripod, Cleaning Kit, LCD Camera Screen Protector


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Details and Features: - This 0.17x Super Wide Fisheye is a Conversion Lens that screws directly onto your existing lens to create the Ultimate Super FishEye. - Works especially well with your camera's Zoom Lens, producing a different image at each focal length - Panorama, Super Wide, and Super FishEye at the widest setting. Get some really excellent closeup photos of children & pets, or you can get the whole group in the picture. - Includes a MACRO Extender allowing you to get Extreme Close-ups. Focus to within an inch of your subject. MACRO MODE: Simply unscrew the lens labeled MACRO from the rear of the 0.17x and use it alone on your lens for extreme close-up photography. - The 0.17x Super FishEye comes with Protective Pouch, Front & Rear Lens Caps, Lens Mount Adapter Rings, and our Bonus Accessory Bundle.

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