56K Data/Fax Modem With USB Interface Two Jacks, Support Caller ID and Distinctive Ring Detect, Auto Format/Speed Sensing, ?


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You can fax the documents in your computer without an expensive fax machine. What you need is just a connected telephone line. The documents received via fax are kept in the fax widget and you can just print the one you need. You can set your telephone fax system with this 2 ports modem.How to Use: 1.Install the drive in your computer operating system. There are different types of drive for compatible systems in the CD disk. 2.Make sure the fax function is available in your operating system. The fax widget is included in Win7 and Win Vista. When you are using Win XP or a lower version, it¡¯s necessary to install the fax widget with a Windows system disk. 3.You need a connected telephone line. Please contact with your telecommunication services supplier for fee rate. 4.If you are confused by the usage, please feel free to contact with our staff. Package Include: 1 x 56K Black USB Voice Fax Data External V.90 V.92 Modem 1 x Drive Disk 1 x RJ11 Cable

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