MB Quart

(4) MB Quart ZK1-116 6.5" 480 Watt Car Audio Speakers w/Ceramic Coated Tweeters


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Top Of the Line - MB Quart Z-Line 6.5 inch 2 way car audio coaxial speaker system with ceramic coated, titanium dome tweeters with the removable phase lens (pair). Pair MB Quart ZK1-116 6.5" 240 Watt Car Speakers with Ceramic Coated Tweeters. PA66 is what NASA uses to eliminate metal parts with composites. PA66 is far more temperature and chemical resistant than standard plastics or ABS. This is important when developing low midrange and bass frequencies in a small diameter driver. Reduce the flex in the frame and you tighten the sound by eliminating weak points in the mounting system. . ABS Gasket: Strong ABS plastic is used to seal the mounting between the speaker frame and the vehicle . Tinsel Leads Silicone Jacket: Silicone jacketed, extra flexible leads for strength and durability. Voice Coil Former: Aluminum - Lightweight aluminum former which helps voice coil dissipate heat. Bumped Design Cotton Spider: Adhesive impregnated cotton spider with bumped design which allows for more clearance and longer excursion. Crossover Design: 12db high-pass / low pass crossover on components. High end capacitors and resistors create a smooth transition between midbass tones from the woofer/midbass and midrange tone with higher frequencies handled by the tweeter. These crossover points make critical frequencies seamless and distortion free. Spring Loaded Terminals: All speakers utilize spring loaded connectors for positive and negative speaker wire connections. Connectors are satin finish nickel plated brass to resist rust. Mounting Installation: Euro-DIN - Unique shaped mounting brackets and holes to accommodate OEM and custom installations for midrange.

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