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(2) Sound Storm SLR8DVC 2000 Watt 8" DUAL 4-Ohm DVC Car Audio Subwoofers Subs


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Break Your Subwoofer In Much like the engine of a new automobile, a new subwoofer must go through a short but important process of 'break-in' before it is run under harsh conditions. The 'break-in' process will ensure the subwoofer is able to perform as it has been designed to. This process involves subjecting the subwoofer to no more than low-to-medium volume levels for a number of hours in the enclosure. 3-4 hours is generally sufficient for the subwoofer's suspension to loosen enough to prevent the voice coil(s) from overheating and causing failure. The break-in period is also effective in extending subwoofer life. Over-driving the woofer before it has been properly broken-in will usually result in premature failure and poor performance. Cone: Polypropylene Commonly called just PP, this plastic has various forms. It is a resilient and durable manufactured material that can be used in thousands of applications across virtually all fields. It can be used for tubes, car trims, and bags. In the specific case of our cones, this material allows for maximum give that produces great sounding speakers lasting you a long, long time. Surround: Butyl Rubber Butyl Rubber is a synthetic (man-made) rubber and is valued for its chemical inertness, impermeability to air and the ability to endure or resist exposure to the many types of weather fronts. Butyl rubber has many different applications. Anywhere from Sports equipment to automotive parts, the medical industry and more. We use them for the Surrounds that connect the cone to the basket.

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