14AWG CL2 Rated 2 Conductor Loud Speaker Cable 50ft For In-Wall Installation


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14AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable - 50ft (For In-Wall Installation)It's often argued that using name brand, or high quality speaker wires can bring out the best performance from any high quality speaker system. While there is some merit to the idea of using high quality cables, it seems many companies have taken this idea far beyond it's logical limits and in so doing created a whole new snake oil industry.These cables are capable of delivering loud, clear and crisp audio reproduction limited only by the quality of the equipment you are using. If you're looking for a d?cor friendly cable, look no further than the Cmple CL2 rated speaker cable. They come with a white outer jacket to blend in with your walls and baseboards for out of wall applications and are CL2 rated to meet most building codes * for installation behind the walls when you want to keep the cables completely out of sight.Features:Perfect for use in or out of wall with a variety of speaker types including in-wall and in-ceiling.Compatible with banana plugs.Clearly distinguishable Red and Black inner jackets for determining polarity.High quality, flame retardant PVC outer jacket.Multi-twist, rope lay braiding.CL2 rated.

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