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Do You Have Carte Blanche in Your Home Theater?

In the latest Ask Home Theater blog post, Darren Benjamin says he has carte blanche from his wife to do whatever he wants in designing the media room. We should all be so lucky!

How about you? Do you have carte blanche to do whatever you want in your home theater, subject only to budgetary considerations? If you have no spouse, the answer is obvious. But if you do—be it a legal marriage or domestic partnership—have they placed limits on what you can do in that room?

Vote to see the results and leave a comment about your choice.

Do You Have Carte Blanche in Your Home Theater?
Yes, because I have no spouse
23% (430 votes)
Yes, my spouse does not limit what I can do in that room
39% (724 votes)
No, I must compromise for the sake of domestic tranquility
37% (681 votes)
Total votes: 1835

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A single quality subwoofer is often enough for a single room, for most people, in terms of SPL and even bass extension. But a second subwoofer can provide smoother bass throughout the room, and solve subwoofer placements issues. Whether that respresents value to someone or not, there's still solid science behind it.

80 Hz is simply a well thought out crossover point for the vast majority of systems sold. But that doesn't mean it's the best crossover point for a capable system, with good amplification, in a large room.