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Do You Enjoy 3D in Commercial Theaters?

I've asked several poll questions about 3D, which have stirred strong feelings, both pro and con. But I haven't yet asked if you actually enjoy it. So now I'm asking—do you enjoy 3D in commercial theaters? (Next week, I'll ask the same question about 3D in the home.)

As always, I really hope you'll leave a comment about your choice, especially if you enjoy 3D only with certain genres. In your opinion, which genres work well in 3D, and which do not? But I strongly encourage you to leave a comment no matter which choice you make—inquiring minds want to know what you think!

Vote to see the results and leave a comment about your choice.

Do You Enjoy 3D in Commercial Theaters?
Yes, I wish all movies were in 3D
6% (54 votes)
Yes, but only with certain genres
45% (406 votes)
No, I dislike all 3D I've seen in theaters
31% (281 votes)
I've never seen modern 3D in a commercial theater
18% (161 votes)
Total votes: 902