A Flat-Panel TV Cable Cover Up?

Wiremold wants do-it-yourself flat-panel TV installers to play hide-and-seek with the many cables plasma and LCD TVs have to have in order to do their thing. Professional installers have the wherewithal to slip those butt-ugly cables in the wall behind a high-tech display; but you and I might not be so inclined, nor do we have the tools necessary to make an in-the-wall install really stay in the wall. (If you think a crowbar might be a good tool to use when installing any kind of electronics in the wall, you should consider consulting a professional.)

Wiremold's Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit is designed to hide cables beneath of wall-mounted flat-panel TV in a low-profile channel that has plenty of room for those unsightly cables to rest unobtrusively out of view.

The kit consists of a base and a cover, both of which can be easily cut to the proper length and painted to match the wall. The channel's cover snaps on and off, so you can add cables (or take them away, if necessary) as needed.

The $23.60 (suggested retail price) kit comes with a pre-drilled four-foot base and matching snap-on cover. Because they like you, the Wiremold folks also include wall anchors and screws.