HD DVD 3G On the Way

Toshiba isn't wasting any time in unveiling the latest generation of HD DVD players. The third-gen line is already listed on Amazon and a press release now lists official ship dates in the fall.

Included in the new line are the HD-A3 ($299.99), HD-A30 ($399.99), and HD-A35 (at $499.99, three hundred bucks cheaper than its precedessor, the HD-XA2).

Droolers may wish to note that the top two models are capable of 1080p at 24fps, while the entry-level model does 1080i. All but the bottom model feature CE-Link to pass commands to other components.

Only the top model has Deep Color via HDMI and 5.1-channel analog outputs to pass all surround codecs, new or old, to a receiver with 5.1-ins. The HD-A35 also is the only one that bypasses its own decoder to send high-bit-rate audio to a receiver.

More details: TWICE.