Google TV Coming This Fall

Sony and Logitech will be the first manufacturers to produce Google TV devices, it was announced yesterday at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco. And the Dish Network will be the first video provider to feature Google TV.

Sony/Google products will include TVs, Blu-ray players, and a set-top box, while Logitech will sell a set-top box. The Dish Network will offer a Google TV DVR. Broadband connections will be required. Best Buy will sell the products.

The Google TV devices will use powerful Android technology, the Chrome browser, and Intel processors to combine TV programming with web content. Search for a show and you'll get options to view on cable, satellite, or an online channel such as Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix. Google TV will be Flash capable and thus compatible with a wide variety of web content. You can use an Android mobile phone to communicate with Google TV via wi-fi using touch or voice. Internet TV, as Sony is calling its Google TV products, will launch in the fall.

See Google press release.