Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—Walt Disney Pictures (Blu-ray)

Video: 4.25/5
Audio: 4.5/5
Extras: 5/5

Join the beautiful princess Snow White as she escapes her jealous stepmother, the queen, and befriends a lovable group of dwarfs. But when she falls under the queen's wicked spell, only true love's kiss can save her.

Disney’s first ever feature length animated film makes its debut on Blu-ray. This follows the trend of other reissues such as Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio, with a state of the art restoration and loads of special features. It was a treat revisiting this gem but I’m finding it harder and harder to find the same magic in some of these older animated features like I did when I was younger. But my daughter still finds them magical, and in the end that is what means the most. It is also great to see the care that has been put into these restorations making these truly collector’s editions!!

Disney has been doing a fabulous job with their Blu-ray treatment of their classic catalog. This is certainly no exception but given the age of this film some may be underwhelmed compared to the films released before. The animation has a simpler quality and isn’t quite as sharp as some of the others. Still, colors have a wonderfully rich character and the print looks to be in tremendous shape. Considering the age of the film, some of the animation here is incredible and it seems like the little things always impress me the most.

The soundtrack is presented in a new 7.1 “enhanced for home theater” mix. The surround mix is pretty subtle and really only adds to the ambiance of the mix. Surrounds do pick up the occasional cue, but the mix is still fairly front heavy. Timbre is slightly on the tinny side but never distracting. Dynamic range was better than I was expecting and never feels overcooked for a remix.

Disney goes all out with the extras for this one and includes enhanced viewing modes, TONS of production features and even the full DVD release as the third disc. There are games for the kids and a look at the early storyboards and creation of the first animated film. You also get some sing along tracks and sneak peeks at some other upcoming Disney titles. Spanning two discs there is a lot of great treasures here for the film lover and collector.

Disney continues to deliver incredible special editions for their classics. This restoration is a sight to behold on Blu-ray and even the most demanding fan will be pleased with the breadth of supplements and interactivity this Blu-ray offers. A must own for any Blu-ray collector!