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KEF has unveiled a new satin-matte walnut finish for its award-winning Q Series of speakers.
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CEDIA has announced a Shark Tank-style TechStarter program that will enable new companies to pitch their business models to leaders in residential technology at 2019 CEDIA Expo, which runs September 10-14 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.
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Seymour-Screen Excellence, the joint venture between U.S-based Seymour AV and U.K.-based Screen Excellence, has announced an adjustable ratio, motorized masking system for screens up to 20 feet high that is designed to be built on the wall in sections rather than being assembled on the floor and lifted into place.
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S&M, voyeurism, murder, rape, violence, and torture. . . some of the typically wholesome activities to be found in small-town America. This psychosexual possible-murder mystery—set in a neo-Fifties 1980s logging town—soon gets weird when an innocent local finds a severed human ear in a field. Writer-director David Lynch uses various tactics to keep the viewer as off-balance as his attracted-to-the-hidden-underbelly protagonist.
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Hot on the heels of Amazon’s record-breaking Prime Day extravaganza, Samsung has kicked off a “Black Friday in July” sale, offering promotional discounts on soundbars and TVs, including new 8K models. Discounts range from 17% to 36%, with most being around 30% off, and run through Tuesday, August 13.
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Brea, CA-based Optimal Speaker Design (OSD) has introduced a cylindrical subwoofer that’s rated down to 30 Hz yet occupies less than a square foot of floor space.
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PRICE $2,999

Extended color
Excellent brightness and contrast
Great value
Fan noise with High Power Consumption setting active

Epson’s latest UltraBlack model delivers impressive image quality with both standard and Ultra HD/HDR sources at an equally impressive price.

In late 2018, I reviewed Epson's 4010 PRO-UHD 3LCD Projector, a $2,000 model with a bright (2,400 lumens) picture, 4K/Ultra HD display via pixel-shifting, and a wide range of sophisticated setup features such as motorized lens shift and focus that are typically found only on much more expensive models.

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DISH has just released a new AirTV.  The AirTV Mini is a palm-sized dongle that appears to be a promising upgrade from the original 2017 AirTV Player. 
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In early June, we highlighted a half dozen Top Pick-worthy home theater speakers systems and followed that up with a handful of top performing speakers that should be on the shopping list of anyone looking to go wireless. Continuing on the speaker theme, we now turn to the best stereo speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers we’ve reviewed so far this year. And for good measure, we’ve thrown in a subwoofer guaranteed to rock the house.
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Acoustical treatment is an essential part of any great sounding entertainment space but most people look to hide it or subdue it with panels that blend into the room, often masquerading as modern artwork.

Then there are people who crave the unconventional — in this case, a home theater with unique aesthetics instead of the stereotypical designs often seen in Sound & Vision and other magazines.