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Apple announced that it will begin taking pre-orders today for the HomePod, its long anticipated entry into the bustling smart speaker market.
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Sonos today announced a limited-time deal on its new Sonos One smart speaker, one of Sound & Vision’s 2017 Top Picks of the Year in the Value category.
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Nuvyyo today announced a significant expansion of recording options for its hardware-based Tablo DVRs. Aimed at cord cutters, the DVRs are built to record over-the-air (OTA) TV programming.
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PRICE $1,699

Newly engineered from the ground up
Exceptional pitch stability
Includes 78 rpm speed
DJ features are irrelevant for most users
Detachable headshell may limit tonearm performance
No factory-installed cartridge option

Technics’s reborn legendary DJ turntable is now a better bet than ever for home audiophile use, but no longer quite the bargain it once was.

Way back in the May 2010 issue of Sound & Vision, I compared three sub-$1,000 turntables, including one that I felt was a bit of a rebellious choice for the audiophile listener. Over its nearly 40 years of production, the Technics SL-1200 series had morphed from one of the top models in the company’s industry-leading range of audiophile direct-drive turntables into a deck that was aimed squarely at the club and DJ market.

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Q I want to install a projector. Due to my room’s layout, screen width would be limited to 72 inches, and the projector would need to be mounted 16 feet away from it. I've messed with screen calculators for several projector brands and have concluded that I'm out of luck: a projector mounted at that distance would require a much larger screen. Do you know of any projectors that would work in my situation? —Stan Silverman

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SōLIS, a new audio brand “created for people who value iconic styling and exceptional sound quality in equal measure,” has introduced two reasonably priced compact stereo systems featuring a pair of speakers and a hybrid tube/solid-state amplifier that supports wireless streaming.
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Severtson ALR Projection Screen
Severtson has been developing projection screens since 1986 when Ron Severtson invented a special optical coating for the screens used in military flight simulators. Today, the company produces an array of fixed and motorized screens for commercial venues, cinemas, and home theaters. Its newest residential screen is a 0.8-gain ambient light rejecting (ALR) model designed for use in sun-drenched rooms that destroy standard projection screens.
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Analysts can’t seem to make up their minds about cord cutting. We’ve covered loads of studies asserting that viewers are shifting from traditional pay-TV to other viewing options. But some analysts demur, and occasionally we’ve cited them too.
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High-end home theater speaker specialist Procella Audio has announced an in-wall/ceiling speaker intended primarily for height and surround applications.
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Streaming video has gone from VHS- to DVD to 1080p- to 4K quality over the decade. Yet, left behind were some extremely useful navigational controls that we took for granted on our “ancient” VCRs or DVD players. They included slow motion, smooth fast-forward, and the ability to bookend any segment for looping to our heart’s content.