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SVS, the Ohio-based company best known for its subwoofers and ever-expanding line of high value home theater speakers and accessories, today announced the launch of the Ultra Evolution Series it previewed at CES 2024.
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I recently visited LG's New Jersey U.S. headquarters to get the scoop on its 2024 lineup of QNED and OLED TVs. Here's what I learned.
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Atlantic Technology has introduced an updated version of the speaker it considers to be the finest effort in its 30-year history.
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Q When I switch to the Netflix app on my Sony TV, the receiver doesn’t switch to ARC; it stays on HDMI and I get TV audio instead of Netflix. Sometimes, powering down everything works to restore the connection, but the issue soon returns. Any thoughts on this? — Larry Hochstetler

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Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is about a boy with a dream and an accordion who makes it big swapping his own hilarious lyrics into other people’s songs. It’s also an unapologetic parody of the celebrity biography and its many clichés.

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Build Quality
PRICE $2,000

Supports Dolby Atmos/DTS:X up to 11.1.4
Immersive surround sound
Impressive subwoofer performance
Lots of adjustment options
Limited front panel display
No on-screen display
No room correction/test tones
Adjustments with remote are cumbersome

The newest version of Samsung’s top-of-the-line Atmos soundbar maintains the exceptional sound quality, performance, and style of its predecessor. However, the new model comes with some added features, such as 4K/120 Hz HDMI support, making it an even more capable product. It’s an effortless recommendation for anyone seeking a high-performance soundbar solution.

Soundbars have advanced beyond their initial role of making TVs sound better. At the highest levels, the current generation of flagship soundbars includes virtually all the features of AVR-based multi-channel surround sound systems, often including higher channel counts, the ability to decode modern immersive audio systems, far easier installation and operation, and a lower cost.

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Samsung today announced pricing and enticements for its 2024 TVs and is now officially taking orders for the new models.
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iFi, the UK-based company specializing in digital-to-analog converter/amplifiers for use at home and on the go, says its new Go Bar Kensei digital-to-analog converter is the first ultraportable DAC to feature K2HD sound processing developed by JVCKenwood.
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Hulu and Disney + have altered their service terms to prohibit password and account sharing outside the original subscriber's household. Here's the details and how to access your account when away from home.
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Build Quality
PRICE $3,600/each

Exquisite detail rendering
Cohesive soundstage projection
Deep bass extension
Elegant aesthetic design
Pricey investment
Grille not removable
Requires power cord and speaker cable connection

The T66 offers audiophile-grade soundstage and aesthetics. With exceptional detail, powerful bass, and sleek design, these GoldenEar speakers are an outstanding investment in high fidelity.

GoldenEar’s new T66 tower speaker offers audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts high performance in a slender and stylish design. It is a speaker that takes what is already great about the brand and elevates it to a higher level of fit and finish.