Barb Gonzalez  |  Apr 10, 2024  |  1 comments
It must be springtime as Roku today introduced its 2024 Pro Series of mini-LED 4K TVs and announced new features for its forthcoming OS 13 update.
Thomas J. Norton  |  Apr 09, 2024  |  6 comments
While movies and other categories of (primarily) non-musical programming dominate what we hear and see in our home theaters, it's a good bet that if you've been into this hobby for more than a few years it all began with music. But there's more to music than simply listening to it with no images involved apart from those in our head. How those artists not only sing but also act out a song can be a critical part of the overall experience.
SV Staff  |  Apr 09, 2024  |  0 comments
The 2024 edition of the Audio Expo North America, more commonly known by the acronym AXPONA, opens on Friday (April 12) at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, IL.
Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Apr 08, 2024  |  2 comments
I have great news for you! All that gear in your home theater will soon be junk. Or, more specifically, obsolete junk. You see, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon revolutionize everything, including audio/video. Instead of wasting precious time twiddling knobs, you will simply have a pleasant conversation with an AI that, I am told, is far more intelligent than any of us.
Bob Ankosko  |  Apr 08, 2024  |  1 comments
Klipsch today announced that it is now shipping the soundbar-based Flexus Sound System previewed at CES 2024.
Chris Chiarella  |  Apr 05, 2024  |  2 comments

Framed for killing the most admired and respected gang leader in New York City during a gang summit, The Warriors suddenly find themselves unarmed and on the run, with every cop eager to lock them up and every other gang member looking for revenge. Walter Hill’s taut 1978 action-thriller, remastered here in 4K, has a dangerous energy all its own, with near-nonstop adrenaline punctuated by glimmers of social commentary.

Bob Ankosko  |  Apr 04, 2024  |  4 comments
It was bound to happen. Between the chaos of trying to figure out which streaming services offer the programs you want to watch and the escalating cost of subscribing to those services, more Americans are saying “we’ve had enough” and pulling pack on how much they spend a month on streaming, watching more free TV, and in some cases even reviving cable subscriptions.
Bob Ankosko  |  Apr 03, 2024  |  1 comments
Baseus, a Chinese accessory maker that also sells inexpensive wireless earbuds, is the latest company to offer open-ear earphones that don’t fully block your ear canals like conventional earbuds.
Mark Henninger  |  Apr 03, 2024  |  0 comments

Home theater comes in many shapes and sizes, but one constant is that it could be a more portable experience. But it’s not impossible! Elite recently sent an ezCinema Tab-Tension CineGrey 4D screen to evaluate, which is an excellent match for an Anker Nebula Mars 3 projector ($1,099) that I have on hand. The Mars 3 has a built-in battery with up to five hours of playtime, although using the projector at its full light output lowers that to around two hours.
Bob Ankosko  |  Apr 02, 2024  |  3 comments
Kaleidescape, the Silicon Valley firm that pioneered the home movie server more than two decades ago, today introduced a server that packs a mind-boggling 96 terabytes (TB) of storage space — enough to house around 1,600 high-bitrate 4K movies.