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Disney+ began streaming a newly restored version of the 1970 Beatles documentary Let It Be on Wednesday, and today Apple Corps has released a new music video of the same name.
Chris Chiarella  |  May 09, 2024  |  1 comments

Return with us to a halcyon age of cinema when mature subject matter wasn’t forbidden, it was simply rated R. So it was with Little Darlings, a surprisingly sweet and remarkably honest snapshot of adolescence circa 1980. There’s no real violence or profanity, and the teenage coitus at its core is merely alluded to, never shown. See, summer camp brings together youngsters from all walks of life, and one of the more experienced girls strong arms two newbies into a bet: whoever loses her virginity first wins.

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Arcam, today announced plans to add two new high-power integrated streaming amplifiers and an upscale high-resolution streamer to its award-winning Radia Series, launched last fall to appeal to a younger audience with high quality sound and more accessible prices.
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U.K.-based audio specialist Q Acoustics today announced a new series of speakers that builds on its best-selling 3000i lineup.
Daniel Kumin  |  May 08, 2024  |  3 comments

PRICE $6,499

15 x 150 watts of power
Audyssey and Dirac (extra-cost) room correction
Comprehensive surround and up-mixing abilities
Flexible amplifier, channel assignments
HEOS multiroom/streaming ecosystem
No system-wide user-presets
HEOS streaming omits some services

A flagship AV receiver fully worthy of the name.

Remember when cars ran on gasoline, cell phones flipped, and you needed a forklift to get a flagship-model AV receiver onto your equipment rack?

Denon does. Its new pennant-flying model, the AVR-A1H, clocks in at an impressive 71 pounds. And while I managed to hoist our sample onto my rack unaided—mostly because I was too abashed to ask for help—if I’d had a forklift I for damned sure would have used it.

Barb Gonzalez  |  May 08, 2024  |  3 comments
Apple announced a new poweful line of iPads on Tuesday that makes it seem as though the iPad is poised to replace the MacBook. Pair one of the new models with a Magic Keyboard and it's more like a laptop than a tablet. And the updated iPad Pro with its state-of-the-art OLED screen and quad speakers may be the best way to watch movies on the go. 
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Tannoy, the celebrated speaker brand that has been around for almost 100 years, today announced the unveiling of a 70th anniversary edition of its iconic Autograph speaker.
Thomas J. Norton  |  May 07, 2024  |  7 comments
How often do you look for the music credit line in a movie you're watching or want to see? Probably not often if ever, unless the composer is one of the big names. That means, in all likelihood, names such as John Williams (essentially retired) or Hans Zimmer. Throw in a few other names you might recognize, such as Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings), the late Jerry Goldsmith (Alien, Tora, Tora, Tora, and countless others), and the also late James Horner (best known for Titanic but that's only one of his many memorable scores).
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Though Focal is best known for the fine speakers it builds in France, the company has been slowly expanding its line of high-quality headphone over the past decade. Today, the company announced two new over-ear wired models, bringing the total number of headphones it offers to nine.
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Samsung today introduced a new entry-level series of OLED TVs and added smaller screen sizes to fill in its mid-level OLED series.