Widgets on Sony Bravia

Sony's Bravia TVs in Japan have widgets. Whatza widget? You know, those handy little applications that range from an onscreen clock, news headlines, updated weather - you know, widgets! Of course, they have to use Bravia's Internet Link to access up-to-date information.

Sony has just released a software development kit for public use to create these widgets. Developers can check them on a Bravia, and Sony has promised that the time to validate an application will be pretty quick. Yes, Sony must approve apps before they're released.

Wanna try your hand at developing a widget?

ony has a contest running for the best application (ending January 8th, 2009). The prizes include a Bravia LCD TV and VAIO to second place, a Blu-ray player to third, and more.

Currently, the SDK and the widgets themselves are only available in Japan, but there's no reason to think they won't go global sometime soon. -Leslie Shapiro

Sony Insider