What Women Watch

In the decades-old gender battle for the remote control, it appears women have begun to wrangle the device at a higher rate then men, especially when there's a digital video recorder involved.

According to a new study from Solutions Research Group, American women watch TV using the DVR 9.3 times a week, while men only use it 8.3 times per week.

Women with kids spend 56% of their TV-watching hours time-shifting on a DVR, while men do the same only 42% of the time.

The study describes women's DVR habits as "enthusiastic," but also suggests their higher rate of DVR use is related to what they like to watch. Sitcoms and dramas, which the study's director says women tend to prefer, are easy to TiVo, but sports are better live.

Do you buy that? First of all, most DVR-owning men seem to have discovered the joys of watching any televised sport on a 15-minute delay so commercials can be skipped. And second, if women watch TV more hours overall than men (which the study doesn't address), then of course they will use the DVR more times per week, especially if they are setting up DVR programming for kids and watching it with them. -Rachel Rosmarin

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