We're Not Gonna Take It!!!

Remember that scene from Network, with people hanging out of their windows screaming, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" Apparently, the people of Los Angeles took that to heart.

The city of Los Angeles is suing Time Warner Cable, Inc., accusing the cable provider of lousy customer service. Keep reading to see what they did wrong. Personally, I can think of a long list of companies I would like to sue for the same thing.

The City Attorney is attempting to fine the cable company tens of millions of dollars and names the people of California as the plaintiffs.
Time_warner_cable The suit has many claims. One claims that Time Warner guaranteed that prices would not increase. However, they removed some basic channels and moved them to premium, essentially causing customers to pay more for the same services.

Another claim is that the cable provider billed customers for service that was so sporadic and poor quality that it wasn't any better than no service at all.
Faceangry_red Los Angeles has a 24-hour limit for repairs after they're reported, which Time Warner violated, and the suit also charges them with consistently failing to show or showing up late. It's the cable guy. I thought that's just what they do.

My favorite claim stated in the Times is that "Time Warner violated city standards by keeping customers waiting hours for telephone help and even then some representatives were unknowledgeable and rude." Seriously, shouldn't we get a list together of other companies that do the same?-Leslie Shapiro

Via International Herald Times