In-Wall with THX Ultra Certification?

Audio purists, just turn away. Really, just skip down to the next blog post. You'll never believe this one anyway.  Atlantic Technology just introduced an in-wall dipole/bipole speaker that is THX Ultra certified. The new THX IWTS-30 SR (In Wall Theater System) surround speaker is really quite impressive. You naysayers can say nay all you want, but the reality is that these speakers could rival a freestanding one, with the advantage of in-wall placement. (How can the interior decorator complain about these?) What makes the IWTS-30 SR so special?

At_logo_med The IWTS-30 SR was designed from the ground up to meet the tough standards required to receive THX Ultra certification. THX requires that surround speakers must be used in a dipole mode, with the front and rear drivers working out of phase with each other for a diffuse, non-localized sound. THX also prefers that back surround channels be wired for bipole operation, with more precise localization. Luckily, the IWTS-30 SR can be switched, making it ideal for either situation. The switch is conveniently placed right on the front panel.

It uses front- and rear-firing two-way speakers featuring two 5-1/4-inch woofers and two 1-inch soft dome tweeters. The frequency response is listed as 80 Hz - 20kHz (+/-3dB). A pair retails for $1,350.

Say what you want about in wall speakers, but particularly in a dipole setting, it's hard to complain about them. You can't argue against THX. Well, you could, but would anyone listen?-Leslie Shapiro