Waiting For Wireless

What happens when you have the coolest new technology and no one cares? That seems to be what's happening with wireless HDMI. A report by ABI Research says sales for wireless HDMI systems won't hit one million until 2012, calling the market's current state as an "incubation phase." What's wrong with people? Don't they know a good thing when they see it? Or, in this case, don't see it?

Extwhdmirfront According to a report by Connected Home News, there are three systems in contention currently: 5 GHz, 60 GHz, and ultra wideband (UWB). "5 GHz technology is better understood and more proven," says principal analyst Steve Wilson, "but achieving the required data rates requires new approaches and more complex solutions. UWB technology has bandwidth advantages at in-room distances but drops rapidly at greater ranges. 60 GHz allows high data rates, but so far only one company is even close to a viable solution."

The report goes on to say that 5 GHZ and ultra-wide-band boxes are currently available and 60 GHz should be available in early 2009. "Over the next two to three years, we're going to see one or two of these wireless HDTV approaches emerge as the primary ones," adds Mr. Wilson.

Perhaps people don't want to get caught with an obsolete system. Or maybe they just like having wires running all over their home theaters. You never know. -Leslie Shapiro

Via Connected Home News