Vizio ships more LCDs in the US than anyone else in Q1

A few Vizio panels have made their way in front of the S&V staff and the usual verdict is that they produce "solid" performance when you factor in the low cost. Apparently their formula is an effective one, allowing them to ship 21.6% of all LCD HDTVs in North America. They were also the largest shipper of "total flat HDTVs" in the US. From the press release: "LCD TV unit shipments grew 21% from 1,116,428 in the final quarter of 2008 to 1,351,860 in Q’1 2009. With plasma HDTVs added to the results VIZIO shipped a total of 1,400,207 TVs for the quarter and will also rank #1 in U.S. sales of total flat panel HDTVs."

It will be interesting to see if their growth continues as the economy begins to climb out of the sewer.