Vizio Ditching Plasma

Looks like it won't matter whether or not you prefer LCD or plasma, because yet another manufacturer is getting out of the plasma market.

Vizio, which became know as a value manufacturer, will not be producing an new plasma sets.  According to a story in The New York Times, there are several reasons behind this move. Laynie Newsome, co-founder of Vizio said, "Plasma sets simply don’t show as well in big box stores, which are typically lit by bright fluorescent and halogen lights, giving consumers the impression that LCD TVs have a more exciting picture. Also, the company wanted to devote all of its available shelf space to the technology that moves off the shelves fastest."

Sucks for me, because I'm one of the ones who likes the look of plasma much more than LCD. At least LG, Panasonic and Samsung seem to be sticking with plasma. For now.  --Leslie Shapiro

The New York Times