Verizon's VueKey vs. tru2way and CableCards

Verizon, along with some other providers, have been kicking and screaming about tru2way and CableCARD systems. Instead of jumping reluctantly on the tru2way bandwagon, they've developed VueKey as a way to grant plug-and-play access to your devices.

VueKey is a downloaded key code that grants conditional access to your digital set-top boxes and other equipment.  It's similar to the CableCARD device, but designed for IPTV network. Because it uses the CableCARD design, VueKey could become more widely available rather quickly.

Read on to find out what this really means for you.

From an article on, Mike Nawrocki said "Our goal is not to go out and [create] an interface that would require consumer electronics companies to develop something brand new. Nawrocki, director of wireline standards for Verizon Communications Inc.'s technology division, notes that VueKey should be viewed as an "incremental" spec that incorporates support for IPTV.

The article points out that Verizon can use VueKey to get around being forced to use the tru2way system that's controlled by their competition, while still using the CableCARD "ecosystem."

It's all quite complicated, but as long as they work it out so that any system can continue to work with all equipment, it's all good. -Leslie Shapiro

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