Universal Wants "Wanted" Blu to be Wonderous

Universal Studios is betting that Wanted  is going to be the Blu-ray release that's going to explode the Blu-ray business. Universal's Craig Kornblau has been quoted as saying, "What The Matrix did for DVD, Wanted could do for Blu-ray." Although the trailers look hot, putting this much pressure on a Blu-ray release, even before the theatrical release is a bit optimistic, don't you think?

When The Matrix hit on DVD, it was still an exciting new format, with vast improvements over VHS, and yes, those improvements were obvious to most users. Will Wanted on Blu-ray be so significantly superior to Wanted on DVD that it's going to make folks stampede to the store to adopt Blu-ray? Does anyone even want to see Wanted?

If a studio wants to make a big Blu-ray statement, let's see who will be the first to only release a blockbuster on Blu-ray. Anyone?

Bueller? -Leslie Shapiro

Wanted poster courtesy of www.wantedmovie.com

Via The Man Room