A trio of new Sennheiser headphones

Sennheiser HD-448Sennheiser has just unveiled three new "full-size, portable" headphones, over-ear models the company claims are equally suited for home stereo and portable music player use.

The new models are the HD 428, 438, and 448, three remarkably similar headphones with fairly similar prices. The differences are mostly superficial; the HD 428 is a relatively uninteresting black rubber, while the HD 438 features metallic "wheel spokes" on the cups and the HD 448 has other metallic accents. Sennheiser claims the $100 HD 428 boasts a range of 18Hz to 22KHz, the $120 HD 438 can reach from 17Hz to 22.5Khz, and the $130 HD 448 spans an impressive 16Hz to 24KHz. The three headphones also feature slightly different accessories; the HD 428 features a single 3-meter cable and a 6.3mm audio adapter, while the HD 438 has 1.4- and 3-meter detatchable cables plus an audio adapter, and the HD 448 features a 1.4-meter cable with a 1.6-meter extension cable plus an audio adapter, for maximum flexibility.

All three sets of headphones are available now through J&R, and will hit Best Buy stores in October.

Will Greenwald