Toshiba's Upscaling LCDs

We've got to say this: Perhaps it was good for most of us that HD DVD failed. It seems that failure has prompted Toshiba to really step up the developments for standard-def DVD. Not long ago, we talked about Toshiba's upscaling DVD players.

Now at IFA, Toshiba's showing an upscaling TV that will upconvert SD sources internally. No need to get a new upscaling DVD player when your ZF Series LCD will upconvert for you.  The ZF LCDs have cell-based Resolution+ technology.  This will provide edge enhancement and detail enhancement that smooths edges, sharpens details, with cell power to boot.

What models are available with this new technology?

Toshiba has two models: the 40-inch 40ZF575D and the 46-inch 46ZF575D. Both models are 1080p with dynamic contrast ratios of 30,000:1, 6ms response times and Active Vision M100HD 100Hz 5:5 pulldown processing. There are four HDMI inputs along with component video, RGB and PC inputs.

Like most everything else coming out of IFA, Toshiba is only announcing this for a European release. Pricing and availability has yet to be released. -Leslie Shapiro