Toshiba releases three CELL Regza 3D HDTVs


Toshiba has announced a trio of 3D HDTVs in Japan, continuing the industry's steady march toward 3D adoption. All three models feature CELL processors, which lets them use realtime 2D-to-3D conversion on videos (although the effectiveness of the conversion remains to be seen). The CELL REGZA SLIM 46E2, CELL REGZA SLIM 52XE3, and the CELL REGZA 52X2 all feature 240 Hz refresh rate, DLNA compatibility, web access for online content, and a 2-to-3TB external hard drive for content storage, time-shifting, and other DVR features.

The HDTVs haven't been announced in the United States yet, but they'll hit Japan next month. The 46E2 will retail for the equivalent of $6,800, the 52XE3 will retail for the equivalent of $8,000, and the flagship 52X2 will retail for a hefty $11,400.

Will Greenwald

[Source: CrunchGear]