TiVo/Amazon HD? Oops, Our Bad

A few observant users over at EngadgetHD spotted something interesting on their TiVo screens. When they looked at the Video On Demand screen for Amazon's streaming service, they noticed an interesting option. Suddenly, there was an option for "Available in High Definition." Cool, right?

Not so fast. This was just a test. According to TiVo's PR firm...

"The Amazon HD link pulled in screengrabs has already (or soon will be) removed. TiVo is continually testing different screen presentations and options for subscribers, but at this time we have nothing to announce, and don't expect to making an announcement on this subject in the near future."

Are they serious? That stuff is tested completely offline, without getting up the hopes of consumers.

Weird way to do business, yes. A peak into the future? Absolutely! —  Leslie Shapiro