TiVo and Entertainment Weekly Magazine

TiVo owners love their TiVos. Personally, I just discovered that I can program it to record from my cell phone or the Internet.  I'm thrilled with that. Now there's another reason to feel the love.

TiVo just entered into an agreement with Entertainment Weekly magazine. The magazine will recommend shows, and TiVo can be set up to automatically record shows suggested by the magazine's staff. Never miss a "must-see" moment again by using Entertainment Weekly's "What To Watch" suggestions.

TiVo has about 1.7 million subscribers, and EW has a circulation of 1.8 million a week. However, both hope the partnership will be beneficial to both parties.

How will it work?

The magazine will provide weekly recommendations for TiVo users. The recommendations will be updated weekly. Instead of TiVo figuring out what I might like based on what I've recorded previously, Entertainment Weekly will make the suggestions. I hope they have better taste than I do.

Tivo_logo_lg_rgb "This partnership creates an exciting new service for our fans, closing the loop between the entertainment choices we spotlight and our audience's ability to connect directly to those entertainment experiences," said Scott Donaton, Entertainment Weekly publisher.

This isn't the first situation with TiVo providing recommendations for their users - Common Sense Media recommends a list of kid-friendly shows.

The deal with EW will also allow users to download videos from its website, www.ew.com, including a series of interviews with contestants booted off American Idol. All these new features are included in the basic TiVo fee of $12.95/month.  Obviously, TiVo is looking for ways to make their services more attractive to non-TiVo DVR owners. Other recent feature upgrades include downloads from Amazon.com and streaming music from Rhapsody.

Other DVRs might have some bells and whistles, but TiVo keeps looking for more exciting and entertaining options. Feel the love, starting later this fall. -Leslie Shapiro

The Wall Street Journal