Test Bench: Westinghouse LVM-42w2 42-inch LCD HDTV Monitor

Color temperature (Color 1 preset before/after calibration): Low window (30 IRE): 7,438/6,758 K High window (80 IRE): 6,833/6,355 K Brightness (100-IRE window before/after calibration): 61.1/40.4 ftL

The Westinghouse LVM-42w2 42-inch LCD HDTV monitor's color-temperature measured reasonably close to the 6,500K standard I adjusted the picture with the set's Color 1 color-temperature preset selected. Fine-tuning via its service menu resulted in an even more accurate grayscale. (Calibration needs to be performed by a qualified technician, so discuss it with your dealer before purchase or go to imagingscience.com to check for a technician in your area.) After calibration, the TV's grayscale tracking was ±300K from 30 to 80 IRE - an average performance level.

Color decoder error was minimal, with only a -5% blue deviation measured on the HDMI input. Overscan - the amount of picture area "hidden" behind the edges of the TV's screen - measured 0% for both the HDMI/DVI inputs and the component-video input when fed high-def test patterns. Overscan for component-video inputs with 480p signals, meanwhile, was 5% - a higher than normal amount. High-def picture resolution was excellent via the set's component-video inputs. However, the same 1080i-format test patterns did not show as much detail through the HDMI and DVI connections.

Screen uniformity on the Westinghouse LVM-42w2 was average for an LCD. The picture started to lose contrast at viewing angles greater than 30 degrees off center, and at 45 degrees it was hard to watch. A faint vertical "streaking" pattern could also be seen in full-field gray test patterns, as well as in some of the movies I watched on the set.

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