Test Bench: Panasonic PT-61DLX76 61-in 1080p DLP HDTV

Color temperature (Cinema Mode/Warm Color Temperature), before/after calibration:

IRE Temp Before (K) Temp After (K)
20 6,660 5,975
30 6,309 5,894
40 6,325 5,880
50 6,680 6,263
60 6,800 6,627
70 6,950 6,552
80 6,841 6,462
90 6,801 6,532
100 6,762 6,599

Brightness (before/after calibration): 58.1/39.0 ftL

Out of the box, the Panasonic PT-61DLX76's grayscale measured closest to the 6500-degree kelvin target in Cinema mode with Warm color temperature setting, but it leaned toward blue in the high-IRE windows representing the middle and top end of the brightness range. User adjustments allowed calibration for greater accuracy in this range, but at the expense of inaccuracy below 50 IRE, where the color temperature leaned toward red. This could be evident in skin tones and in dark scenes despite fairly accurate color decoding that measured just -5% red and green and +5% blue.

The Panasonic displayed about 3% overscan, an average amount, and perfectly resolved both 1080i and 720p multiburst test patterns via the HDMI input. An above-average amount of false contouring was visible in the blue portion of the Banding test pattern on the Avia Pro test disc, though this wasn't immediately evident in program material.

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