Test Bench: JVC HD-70FN97 HD-ILA Rear-Projection HDTV

Color temperature (Theater Mode/Low Color Temperature preset): 20 IRE: 6,729/6,555 K 30 IRE: 6,717/6,593 K 40 IRE: 6,467/6,497 K 50 IRE: 6,303/6,258 K 60 IRE: 6,371/6,220 K 70 IRE: 6,503/6,411 K 80 IRE: 6,438//6,522 K 90 IRE: 6,372/6,370 K 100 IRE: 6,338/6,297 K

Brightness (100-IRE window): 36.7/32.9 ftL

With the TheaterPro D6500K Mode selected, the HD-70FN97's grayscale measured very close to the 6,500-kelvin standard. Minor service-menu adjustments helped remove a slight blue bias at the low end of the scale, but the grayscale was mostly good to go out of the box. After adjustment, grayscale tracking was within ±200 K from 20 to 100 IRE - very good performance. I measured a -20% green color-decoder error on the set's HDMI input, but it was error-free via the component-video input. The set's red and blue color points were also very accurate. Green, on the other hand, looked oversaturated and slightly yellow.

Overscan - the amount of picture area cut off at the edges of the TV's screen - measured 4% for HDMI and 3% for the component-video inputs. Both 1080i and 720p multiburst test patterns were fully resolved via HDMI and component-video inputs. Picture uniformity was generally good, especially during off-axis viewing. A slight yellowish tint showed up on full-field gray test patterns and black-and-white movies, but I didn't notice it on color programs.

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