Test Bench: Denon AVR-2307CI A/V Receiver

DOLBY DIGITAL PERFORMANCE All data were obtained from various test DVDs using 16-bit dithered test signals, which set limits on measured distorting and noise performance. Reference input level is -20 dBFS, and reference output is 1 watt into 8 ohms. Volume setting for reference level was -1.5. All level trims at zero, except for subwoofer-related tests; all speakers were set to "large," subwoofer on. All figures are worst-case where applicable.

Output at clipping (1 kHz into 8/4 ohms) 1 channel driven: 140/226 watts (21.5/23.5 dBW) 5 channels driven (8 ohms): 86 watts (19.3 dBW) 7 channels driven (8 ohms): 74 watts (18.7 dBW) Distortion at 1 watt (THD+N, 1 kHz) 8/4 ohms: 0.05/0.06% Noise level (A-weighted): -75.3 dB Excess noise (with sine tone) 16-bit (EN16): 0.6 dB Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.1 dB

MULTICHANNEL PERFORMANCE, ANALOG INPUT Reference input and output level is 200 mV; volume setting for reference output level was -2 dB.

Distortion (THD+N, 1 kHz, 8 ohms): 0.02% Noise level (A-weighted.): -95.6 dB Frequency response: <10 Hz to 124 kHz +0, -3 dB

STEREO PERFORMANCE, DIGITAL INPUT Reference level is -20 dBFS; all level trims at zero. Volume setting for reference level was -1.5 dB.

Output at clipping (1 kHz, 8/4 ohms, both channels driven): 119/178 watts (20.8/22.5 dBW) Distortion at reference level: 0.04% Linearity error (at -90 dBFS): 0.2 dB Noise level (A-weighted): -75.4 dB with 96-kHz/24-bit signals: -84.1 dB Excess noise (with/without sine tone) 16-bit (EN16): 0.4/0.3 dB quasi-20-bit (EN20): 11.0/10.9 dB Noise modulation: 1.9 dB Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.1 dB with 96-kHz/24-bit signals: 20 Hz to 43 kHz +0.2, -3 dB

BASS-MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Measured results obtained with Dolby Digital test signals.

Subwoofer-output frequency response (crossover set to 80 Hz): 24 dB/octave above -6-dB rolloff point of 80 Hz High-pass-filter frequency response (crossover set to 80 Hz): 12 dB/octave below -3-dB rolloff point of 80 Hz Maximum unclipped subwoofer output (trim at 0): 9.3 volts Subwoofer distortion (from 6-channel, 30-Hz, 0-dBFS signal; subwoofer trim set to 0): 0.2% Crossover consistency: bass crossover frequency and slope were consistent for all sources and formats Signal-format consistency: consistent for all applicable formats Speaker size selection: all channels can be set to "small" (if C=small, LR also must be "small") Speaker-distance compensation: available for all main channels

The Denon AVR-2307CI's bench performance was good enough to require little comment. Power remained strong even with all channels driven (barely a dB below the 100 watts specified for single-channel and stereo performance), noise and distortion were universally low, and crossovers were spot-on, smooth, and consistent. The only anomaly I encountered was noise modulation, which measured a dB-plus greater than I'd typically expect. However, this remained below the limits of our audibility tests (very low-level fading tones), even using headphones and unusually high volume settings.

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