Test Bench: Definitive Technology Mythos ST Loudspeakers

In the lab

Frequency response (at 2 meters): 38 Hz to 16.6 kHz ±3.4 dB Sensitivity (SPL at 1 meter with 2.8 volts of pink-noise input): 93 dB Impedance (minimum/nominal): 3.5/8 ohms Bass limits (lowest frequency and maximum output with limit of 10% distortion at 2 meters in a large room): 32 Hz at 70 dB SPL

The graph reflects the Mythos ST's response averaged over a ±30° window at a full 2 meters. This emulates a typical listening distance, enables the speaker's output to fully integrate acoustically, and, unlike near-field measurements, fully includes front-panel reflections, cabinet diffraction, and the boundary effect of the floor.

The Mythos ST has excellent sensitivity, uniform directivity, and good bass extension for a small tower model. The 150-Hz floor-bounce notch - a common effect with floorstanding speakers - can be partly filled in by increasing the level of the powered woofer, but the user must then also accept 4 to 5 dB of bass elevation below 100 Hz. The basic irregularity of any magnitude at higher frequencies is a 3-dB dip between 6 and 8 kHz.

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