Tenacious Toshiba News

Wow. Talk about never giving up.  Or not giving up without a fight. Sometimes it's best to give up and walk away with a modicum of respect.  Apparently, Toshiba doesn't think so.

We all know that Blu-ray beat out Toshiba-backed HD DVD. Toshiba hasn't announced plans to produce Blu-ray, and this latest news is just bizarre.

According to a report out of Taipei, Toshiba is working on a modified DVD format that will supposedly rival the video quality of Blu-ray and HD DVD. This new technology will be unveiled in a new player due out within six months.

Supposedly, this new format will be able to produce higher-resolution images from existing DVDs. Odd.  DVD's are recorded at 480p. Sounds like a fancy upscaler to me.

The cost of abandoning HD DVD? A few million. Chasing after windmills? Priceless.-Leslie Shapiro

Yahoo UK News

Photo courtesy of www.zestuff.com