"The Ten Commandments," Today!


Behold this mighty box indeed. (Click on image for larger view.)

It's a Limited Edition Gift Set of 100,000 copies, and here's what you get:

6 discs total: 
- the movie (plus extras) on 2 Blu-rays
- the movie (plus extras) on 2 DVDs 
- original 1923 silent film (plus extras) on 1 Blu-ray
- additional extras on 1 DVD

Physical features:
- 50-page book
- 1956 program
- reproductions of documents and other rarities
- "Parting of the Sea" box to hold all collectibles
- "Tablet Keepsake" to hold all discs 

Note: Contrary to what I reported in the current print issue (April/May), the 1923 version is not repeated on DVD. It appears on Blu-ray only.

- Ken Richardson