SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer Specs


Enclosure Type: Sealed
Woofer (size in inches, type): 13.5, active
Rated Power (watts): 1,000, RMS
Connections: Line-level inputs (RCA/XLR), line-level outputs (RCA/XLR)
Crossover Bypass: LFE
Available Finishes: Black Oak, Piano Gloss Black
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 17.4 x 17.4 x 17.4
Weight (pounds): 92
Price: $1,599

Company Info
(877) 626-5623

(877) 626-5623

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Star Wars opened in 1977.

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You are correct, it was 1977, not 1976. Brain fart!
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... and many reviews as well as my wallet tell me that the HSU VTF-15h might be the way to go. I realize the box is a lot bigger on the HSU, but I guess my question would be - is the SVS any better at twice the price?

For that matter, how about the Epik Empire?

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All else being equal, a larger box is almost always going to be able to give you higher output levels that a sealed box will be able to. Sealed boxes have to compensate for their lack of porting by using larger, more expensive drivers and more expensive amplifier to raise output relative to a ported box. The HSU is a much larger box and many people lack room for it in their theaters, or have a significant other that might veto the size.

A sealed driver might be a bit faster and tighter which would be appreciated for music, but saying they are universally better at music is certainly not true. Provided you have the space for the HSU, I'd say it provides more bang for the buck possibly, but the SVS is certainly a very good performer and much easier to hide away, and potentially position around the room for better bass response.

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SVS now has the PB 1000 subwoofer for $499.00 which their website says goes down to 19hz. How does the SB13 compare to the PB 1000?

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It may go down to 19hz, but how loud is it at that level?
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I'd love to see you guys do a shootout with 3 price levels: under $500, under $1000 and under $2000 and then compare the price level winners to each other (bang - or boom for the buck).

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I think that's a good idea. I bet the Internet direct houses would provide the best bang for the buck since there's no middle-man markup. In the under $1000 category you can't seem to go wrong with SV Sound and HSU. Frankly, the performance you get from those companies in the sub $2000 price range rivals subs that cost upwards of $6k at retail outlets.
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SVS deserves praise for, in addition to making a very high performance and high value subwoofer line, being responsible enough to specify plate amps that are properly safety-certified by an independent OSHA-approved NRTL. In this case TÜV Rheinland. And other commercial subwoofer makers/marketers should be shamed for being too cheap, lazy, or callous to use amplifiers that have proper independent electrical safety certification.

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I just returned a HSU VTF-15H. My Room is 3528 cubic feet. The sub never sounded quick regardless of any of the Q or port adjustments. Music always had a slight resonate quality and slow in speed. My old Sunfire MK-IV was much quicker and sounded much cleaner on music. I contacted HSU sent detail room information on my room. I placed sub as advised but nothing worked. The Sunfire in the corner would play almost as loud as the HSU on the right side of the room but not directly placed in corner. When the HSU was fully loaded in corner it would squash the Sunfire. One side effect though you could always tell where the base was coming from with the HSU. Fully sealed the HSU was much better but I could always here that coloration in voices and various instruments. My room has unlimited flexibility so if you can not get something to work it is usually an inherent problem. HSU VTF-15H rockets bombs real good. Music no goes. Still good value

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Your comment on the SVS SB13-Ultra Review is not relevant, nowhere do you even mention SVS or the SB13-Ultra sub. Just some random rant about HSU and Sunfire IMO.

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My SB13-Ultra has been playing in my room for about a month and your review is spot on. This little beast is very musical and can deliver LFE/ULF found in movies equally well.