SVS Digs Deep

SVS is a company that specializes in subwoofers, sold mostly on-line. They had one of the few home theater demos at the Venetian, and the only one that actually used film as a program source. I know, that's tacky in a venue in which 99% of the demos are 2-channel audio, but they did their best.

I just hope there wasn't a demo going on next door; because SVS were pumping out some of the deepest, most powerful bass I've ever heard from one of their massive, 140 lbs. PB12-Plus/2 subs ($1300). It probably helped that the room was relatively small and the sub was positioned two feet away from me! The rest of the system consisted if five of the company's SCS-01 center channel speakers (five of them positioned vertically). This center is normally part of SVS's SBS-01 system.

It was too dark in the room to get a picture of everything, but the picture shows the next best thing. Two of the drivers shown on the left are used in the PB12-Plus/2. And that big monster on the right is used in SVS's PB13-Ultra 13. There will also be a much larger subwoofer coming this year using two of these 13" drivers and a much larger amp than the 950W BASH unit used in the current design (900W.