Survey Says: Electronics Market Has Room for Upgrades

We love market surveys.  No, really, we like knowing where our households fit into the average, and whether we're up on the latest trends. Who doesn't want to appear "normal," right?

A new study by market research company The NPD Group looked at market saturation in consumer electronics, and found that there are still opportunities for growth as folks replace and upgrade their electronics gear.

The report found that the average U.S. household has an average of 21 consumer electronics devices, such as computers, digital campers, and DVD players.  DVD player are in 85 percent of US homes. It seems that people are interested in up-converting DVD players to go with their new high-def TVs.

What else did the survey say?

Digital cameras are approaching market saturation as well,  with point-and-shoot models in 74 percent of American households.

See, that ever-growing stack of equipment in your living room is normal. Maybe even below average. Show this story to your SO and explain that you're really below average and better rush out right now for a new Blu-ray player. Go. Now. -Leslie Shapiro