Super Bowl XLIII Ads on Hulu

Did you miss any of the ads from the big game?  Wanna re-watch a few of your favorites? Hulu has all the ads online, and the quality looks pretty good. They're all right here, including 2D and 3D versions of the Sobe commercial.  Funny, there's an ad before you can see the ad. Odd.

The Chairman and CEO of the theatrical version of 3D had this to say today.  “We’re excited millions of viewers got a glimpse of 3D during the Super Bowl, but it’s important to recognize that today’s RealD 3D in theatres is a quantum leap better than what they saw on TV or may remember from years past, we’re talking spotless images and definitely no paper glasses.  We can’t wait for audiences to see the real thing in a RealD 3D theatre.” 

What did you think?  --Leslie Shapiro