Sunny Side iPod

Portable speakers are great for listening to your iPod, but they suck down batteries like a sweaty runner sucks down Gatorade. Just in time for a summer full of long days on the beach is the K3000 ST Solar, a solar-powered speaker system iPod dock. Pass the sunscreen and let's check it out.

The K3000 ST comes with a solar panel that folds up, looking like a small flip-phone, so the fashion police won't get too geeked out. For cloudy days and beach parties that go long into the night, the system can run off two AA batteries (included) or AC power. Although from a British company, it comes with power adapters that work in 150 countries, U.S.A. included.

K3000st_solar25 The speakers are pretty good. Well, pretty good for tiny speakers with 1.8 watts per channel separated by a few inches. But, still, for portable, casual use, it's a fun gadget. The frequency response is listed as 100 Hz - 12,500 Hz. On a good day.

The system comes with a carrying case, a water-resistant plug to cover the iPod slot, a 3.5mm input so you can use any portable device as a source, and a USB input that will charge a connected iPod. When plugged into a USB port, the batteries for the speakers are not charging.
K3000st_solar5 Solar powered speakers for an iPod? Bring on summer. -Leslie Shapiro

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Photo taken by Arun Kulshreshtha.