SRS TheaterSound comes to Samsung HDTVs


SRS Labs has just announced that Samsung will start producing HDTVs using the company's newest audio technology, SRS TheaterSound. TheaterSound is an all-in-one audio technology that performs dynamic equalizer adjustments, volume normalization, and surround sound emulation.

TheaterSound seems to be an updated, combined version of SRS Labs' TruSurround and TruVolume technologies. TruSurround emulates surround sound with stereo speakers using acoustic tricks that bounce "virtual" rear channels off the boundaries of the room. TruVolume automatically adjusts sound levels when television shows switch to and from commercials, preventing jarring changes in volume. TheaterSurround covers both features and, according to SRS Labs, isolates and enhances voices to bring out dialogue.

TheaterSound will show up in future 2010 Samsung LCD, LED, and plasma HDTVs.

Will Greenwald