Sound & Vison's Best



Pioneer Elite PRO-1130HD 50-inch plasma $6,500 (street price), February/March 2006 Pricey, but its truly outstanding picture makes it the best 50-inch plasma TV we've laid eyes on. Pioneer Elite PRO-FHD1 1080p 50-inch Plasma $8,500, October 2006 Vizio P42HDTV 42-inch Plasma $1,800, May 2006 With its crisp picture, natural color, and a street price closer to $1,500, this plasma bargain is hard to beat. Westinghouse Digital LVM-42w2 42-inch LCD $2,300, June 2006 This high-value LCD panel delivers a sharp 1080p picture and accepts native 1080p HDTV signals, making it a match for future high-def disc players.


JVC HD-70FH96 70-inch HD-ILA $6,000 (street price), February/March 2006 A gargantuan 1080p picture with oodles of detail and the deepest black we've seen on an RPTV. HP Pavilion MD6580n 65-in DLP HP Pavilion MD5880n 58-in DLP $5,500 (65 in), October 2005 $3,500 (58 in), April 2006 Superb color and detail, and a future-proof 1080p input, place these among the best bargains in HDTV. Sony KDS-R60XBR1 60-inch SXRD Sony KDS-R50XBR1 50-inch SXRD $4,500 (60 in), April 2006 $3,500 (50 in), November 2005 Sony delivers stunning picture quality in these 1080p, LCoS-based HDTVs.

Front Projectors

Sony Cineza VPL-HS51 LCD $3,500, April 2005 There's terrific value in this LCD projector that delivers great HDTV and progressive-scan DVD images. Sim2 HT3000 1080p DLP $15,995, October 2006 Samsung SP-H710AE DLP Front Projector $4,000, May 2006 Designed in association with Joe Kane, this HDTV front pro costs a little more than its "budget" competition, but delivers super-accurate color. InFocus Play Big IN76 DLP Front Projector $3,000, May 2006 This HD projector boasts powerful light output, excellent grayscale and color reproduction, sharp detail, and a slick, sci-fi design. Optoma HD72 DLP Front Projector $2,000, May 2006 Its low price and great performance make the Optoma HD72 one of the great bargains in HDTV front projectors. Panasonic AE900U LCD Front Projector $1,800, May 2006 The ability to deliver deep blacks and great shadow detail make this high-def LCD projector a tremendous value.