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Do you have a CineCurve screen in your home theater? Yes. I'm currently building a dedicated home theater and I'll absolutely have a CineCurve in the room. The screen will be an almost 14-foot-wide FireHawk G3 with MicroPerf. Up until now, my home theater has always been in a multimedia setting.

Your StarGlas rear-projection screens are doing well in the pro market, but is there a place for them in home theaters? Although we can't let the cat out of the bag just yet, there's an absolutely amazing StarGlas installation in New York that will help define it as the world's first architectural screen and will get quite a bit of press. An amazing advantage to StarGlas is that it's safety glass so it can be installed floor to ceiling - a huge advantage. The StarGlas 60 is the largest black screen in the world.

For homes, we're promoting StarGlas in a "home theater under the stars" application. Because the screen is glass, it can be installed anywhere glass can, which makes it great for outdoor use - say, poolside or in a garden. The popularity of enjoying an outdoor movie experience is growing. Grilling, watching a movie, and relaxing with family and friends is something you have to experience firsthand to appreciate. And your friends will certainly be impressed with a large, outdoor, weatherproof screen.