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July/August, 2006 CableCARD PIP; Hard-Driving iTunes; The Real 1080i; Missing Audio •June, 2006 A Classic Hummer; Cable Disconnect; Dub? Don't Bother; Hearing D-D-Double; The New Switcheroo •May, 2006 Faulty Formula; The Small and Large of It; Black Bar Blues; Power Rules; Overscan Tune-up •April, 2006 HDTV Border Town; HDCP Interruptus; MP3 on DVD •February/March, 2006 Too-Loud Tv; Lose The Wheel!; Home Theater Conversion; The Pen Is Mightier Than The Disc; The Truth About Tape •January, 2006 Lightning Strikes; Is Film HD?; Add Your Own Soundtrack; TiVo Tightwad

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